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More than 85% of all small business ventures fail within the first year! That number falls to about 50% if you have a good, thorough business plan. We strongly recommend you prepare a good, strong business plan carefully outlining just how you are going to proceed with your business, where your financing will come from, who your customers are, how you will reach them, etc. In addition to the resources available through this Website, you can find good books on business planning at your local library or bookstore and there are many Websites that can help you prepare a business plan. We want you to succeed! A good business plan is the best way to improve your odds of doing that.

The products and services we distribute are not intended as “get rich quick” schemes. They are intended to assist you in learning how to run and build a business venture. YOU bear sole responsibility for the success of your business. We assume no direct, indirect or implied responsibility for the success of your business. The success — or failure — of your business depends on many factors outside of our control and like any other business, you take full responsibility for your results and assume all the financial risks associated with running a business.

Any claims of actual performance or earnings made on this site can be verified on request. Any claims made in our success stories are examples only of exceptional results and performance. They are not representative of typical results. We make no guarantees that you will achieve similar results. Each person’s success depends on that person’s own skills, experiences and willingness to do what is needed to succeed.

We make every effort to ensure any statistics or claims of past performance are accurate, but any statistics or claims of past performance do not necessarily indicate future performance.

All contents published to this site are protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed in any way without explicit written consent of the site owners and the creators of that particular material. Materials on this site may be referenced if full credit to the author is given along with a link to the page containing the contents being cited is included.

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Any advice given on our site is not intended as expert professional advice; we are not lawyers, accountants, doctors or otherwise experts in such professions. Out advice is given for informational purposes only. The advice we give is what we have done, or have learned from someone else who has done it. The advice may or may not apply to you and you can use or reject it at your own discretion. We make no claims or guarantees of any sort that you will get the same results as we or our sources have if you follow the advice provided on this site. You are fully responsible for your success or failure to apply any advice given, suggested or implied on this site or in personal correspondence with us. You follow or reject our advice at your own discretion. We take no legal liability for the results, but will make every reasonable effort to get you back on the right track if you are having difficulty implementing advice presented on this site or in personal correspondence.

Contracts are about allocation of risk and you are accepting all of the risk for the courses you buy through us. We do not have any control over the contents of the courses we provide through our site and accept no responsibility for the quality or delivery of these products. Any disputes over quality or delivery of any third-party courses or requests for refunds are strictly between you and the third-party that supplied that course.

However, we do make reasonable efforts to provide quality products and if you do have any issues with the products or vendors we provide, we do want to know about it as we value our customers and strive to provide only quality products. We are not disinterested in your problems with a product and, at the very least, will attempt to mediate between you and the product provider.

By purchasing a product or service through this site, you agree to all terms and conditions specified on this site.

In the event of a dispute, the laws of British Columbia and Canada shall apply and the British Columbia courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes.