The Biznutt's Make A Decision

Last summer I met a real interesting character on Facebook. He's a retired Canadian Forces helicopter pilot turned Internet Marketer and this guy gives common sense advice in his videos, and is hilarious while he does this. He's Steve "Biznutt" Barnes.

Here's his what he has to say on why it's so important to make a decision:

Of course, it can be easier said then done when you're constantly bombarded with 100's of business opportunities and info products each week! You can find yourself in a real overload of choices and be thrown into a paralyzing confusion.

So how do I make a decision when faced with this confusion of products and opportunities? Well, first of all, what is confusion? One of the best definitions I've found was written by L. Ron Hubbard in his book he Problems of Work, "a confusion in this universe is random motion." So, what I found is that when faced with any confusion situation is that if you take just one thing and isolate it, then I could then end the state of confusion.

This one thing becomes what Hubbard referrs to as my "stable datum." From this I can simplify my choices and make that decision Biznutt talks about in his video.

Let's illustrate this with an example. You're the new coach of a Little League baseball team. The kids are all fooling around, there's loud music blaring from the dugout, one of the kids is hitting balls around at random, another is shooting spitballs at passerby, and 3 others are fighting with each other, and the rest are all just running around aimlessly. There's a whole host of problems to deal with, so what do you do? You pick just one to deal with, so you choose to start out by turning off the music, then you have one less thing to deal with. Next you break up the fight. By now the rest of the kids are starting to notice you and you get their attention. Now the rest of the confusion breaks up and you can get on with coaching them on how to play baseball.

That's just one example of how you can apply this concept to handle confusions. In the case of too many products and opportunities to sell products, figure out what types of products most closely aligns with your lifestyle and personality. How to you see youself improving the world? Is it by training others on how to be successful? Is it by getting people to adopt a more health lifestyle? Or maybe you want to help people get connected wiht vacation and travel plans that fit their budget?

The answer to these questions is your vision. Whatever it is, use this to narrow down your choices of what products to sell to those that fit your vision. So if you wanted to help with a healthier livestyle, you could support that with a company that provides natural health products that you believe in. Eliminate all opportunities that don't deal in natural heal products that you don't believe in – they're not a good fit for you anyways, so just ignore them. OK, good, you now have your stable datum, natural health products that you believe in, and you've found a company that fits. Great! Now you're ready to make a decision, and that's to join that company. Done.

Now, as for the info products. Look at which of them will help you learn the skills you will need to sell your choses product, pick one method and pick one or two products that will teach you how to master that method. It could be blogging, solo ads, or social media, whatever it is, once you've choses, stick with it until you've mastered it. If it's not working, that just means you haven't mastered it yet and need more experience and training on it. Keep at it, you'll get there eventually.

The Problems of Work by L. Ron HubbardOf course, the first place I'd look to for info products would be my chosen company, theirs will likely be the most relevant to what works for that company and their products. Only if they don't have anything that fits how you want so promote should you look elsewhere for your first training, or after you've mastered all the training your company has and are looking to take it to the next level, should you look outside your chosen company for info products. If you do look outside your chosen company, find one you belive to be trustworthy, make a decision and get thier products and apply them.

To find out more about this technique of picking a stable datum upon which to base your decision, you can read the book, The Problems of Work: Scientology Applied to the Workaday World, by L. Ron Hubbard.

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