Rubin Payroll

Rubin Payroll Logo

Jeffrey Rubin of Rubin Payroll approached me for help with his website when he found his site not to his liking. I looked over the site and found what needed to be done and got to work.

Abelow PR

This project involved making some fixes to their Home Page. They needed their Slider images fixed, which all had very large file sizes that were slowing the site down.

Hydro Mousse

Hydro Mousse Logo

Hydro Mousse needed a new ad for one of their products placed in their sidebar. The trick here was that their new ad banner looked very similar to an existing banner it needed to go above.

Advantage Vacuums

We did 1 month of SEO setup, mainly involving setting up directory listings and competitor keyword and backlink research to assist them in maintaining their spot in the top 3 results of Google searches.

Duncan Real Estate Pro

For Real Estate Agent Ian Klepsch, we did SEO setup services for a month, and did a bug fix in his theme where the menu would overflow the space and push all the rest of the page contents into a tiny column on the far right, essentially breaking his site.