Cyber Security

Do's And Don'ts Of Cyber Security

Do's And Don'ts Of Cyber Security

October is Cyber Security month! So in keeping with that theme, let's look into some common “Do's” and “Don'ts” of Cyber Security for your business. There are many things to cover as this is such a big topic but we'll give you some basics and link, wherever possible, to other good resources to help you along in this critical topic. Whenever I poll the business community on what topics they want to hear about most, Cyber Security seems to keep coming up as the most requested, so this is my answer to your requests for more on this vital topic for your business.

Cyber Security Basics: The Strong Login

Cyber Security - Unlocked and Unprotected

What is the easiest way a hacker can break into your website or network? Being able to easily guess a valid user login and gain access to a registered account. Once a hacker has gained access to an account, even one with only limited access, the hacker can use methods to escalate that account's access even up to full admin level! Having a strong login on all accounts is your first and best line of defense against getting hacked.