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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a brighter future for our clients. A future where financial and personal freedom are both not only attainable and within their grasp, but one where they are achieving both – a future of total freedom.

Our Vision

To create total freedom for our clients: freedom from financial stress, and freedom from obscurity, by bringing your business to the forefront of your market’s minds by delivering only the highest quality service to our clients. Our aim is to be an inspiration in and to our community. To set the example how a business ought to be run and ought to be as a member of our community.

Why We Do This (Our Story)

While I am now the owner and founder of Radiant Freedom, I know what it’s like to struggle in life. I spent many years as an ostracized and bullied kid at school and it took me longer to develop the social skills needed to be effective in life as a result. I also spent years being passed up for opportunities because I lacked the self-confidence to really show people that I could get the job done.

Now that I’m past that and moving towards my dreams, I have a very strong desire to help others to realize the success I am now creating and seizing hold of in my life. I want you to succeed in life and in business!

Through my schooling in college, I developed the skills needed to build effective websites, so that is the way I choose to help you realize your dreams and succeed in both life and business.

Meet the Team

Jason Ross

Owner and founder of Radiant Freedom. Jason Ross has studied both business management and computer science at Langara College, where he graduated with both the Business Management Co-op Diploma and an Associate of Computer Science. Through hard work and dedication, Jason has learned both the skills needed to run a successful business and how computers and the internet works.In addition to being the founder of Radiant Freedom, Jason is also a  a web developer, website conversion specialist and an entrepreneur. This wide range of skills that Jason has to offer will assist you to run a successful business, earn your financial freedom and how to keep it. Using his diverse skill set and through his dedication to aiding his clients through their barriers to total freedom, Jason will help his clients succeed..