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BC Baby Massage

BC Baby Massage had been operating for nearly 2 years without any brand or website, under the owner’s personal name of Mayumi Kanda. When we first spoke, Mayumi immediately recognized the need to both get a website set up and establish a business name and brand.

We helped her develop her business name as BC Baby Massage and set up her new logo as the first step in this project. Once that was taken care of, we then went to work on developing her new website.

Our goal was to create a website that was simple and affordable, yet also focused on generating leads for our client. We accomplished this by building a WordPress website and integrating it with Mailchimp with email subscription offers prominently featured on the website that would collect subscribers and add them to a list in Mailchimp, and that list was connected with a campaign to deliver an automated sequence of emails to help our client build leads and deliver exceptional value to her contacts.

View the live website at https://bcbabymassage.com/.











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