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Rubin Payroll

Jeffrey Rubin of Rubin Payroll approached me for help with his website when he found his site not to his liking. I looked over the site and found what needed to be done and got to work. I dind’t need to make any major changes to his overall theme, but did need to make considerable edits to the contents, re-structuring several pages, including the Home page, and his Vision Page and his Services page. I also added a new About Page and a new page to cover each of his main services. Adding in new graphics to represent each of his primary services and making the pages look more attractive and giving them some brand identity.

Jeffrey was very happy with the work and we decided to continue our business relationship working on providing regular SEO updates to his site, including contributing contents to his blog.

Here are some screenshots from his site:

Home Page

About Page

Services Pages



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