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vividfreedom.com is a WordPress site. This was also a very challenging project. We inherited it part way through after a dispute with a previous developer had stalled the project. Before we could even begin working on the project, we had to repair extensive damage to the site’s contents and structure that a previous developer had done. Initially we didn’t even have access to the admin section as the login page had been removed so before we could even start on the site we had to repair the login system by working with the site’s host to get the site restored to an earlier version where the login system still was working. In addition, many of the pages were also unavailable as the links had been broken and the pages removed. Fortunately we were able to recover most of the contents and missing pages so our real work could begin, bringing the vividfreedom.com site to completion.

Our main strategy here was to create an engaging site that would grab a visitor’s attention right from the first thing they see on the home page, on the screen without even scrolling, an attention-getter that quickly informs the visitor of who Vivid Freedom is and what they do. It was then time to start setting up the layout and pages in an attractive way that would entice visitors to stay and explore the site, drawing them into the blog posts, and product offerings. These were designed with attractive images and teasers to entice the visitor to want to click on things to learn more.

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