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Website Technical Support Plan

Spend Time On What Really Matters, Let Us Take Care Of The Problems

Our monthly plan involves routine maintenance of your website such as WordPress/Drupal updates, regular backups and restoring your website if it goes down for any reason. These tasks can be labour intensive for you and your staff, taking your attention, and that of your staff, away from what your business does best – serving your customers and creating sales.

Our Webmaster services plan is for companies who don’t have the budget for a full-time in-house webmaster to provide technical support for their website. We become your on-call webmaster for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house.

Feature Benefit
Advocate on your behalf and co-ordinate with 3rd party providers. You have a technically knowledgeable representative to work with your service provider’s tech support people to ensure your web services are working properly.
Regular updates of WordPress or Drupal (or most popular web platforms). Reduce the risk of your site being hacked or experiencing bugs.
Regular threat scans. Find any weaknesses a hacker could use to take over your site.
Website Security Consultations and Management of Security Systems. Ensures you have protection from your website getting hacked or spammed.
Website backups. Limits data loss if something goes wrong.
Full restoration of your website if it goes down for any reason. If your site goes down as a result of technical problems or your site was hacked, you’re back up and running with minimal interruption.

Rate: Starting at $100/month for your on-call Tech Support Advocate.

By now, you clearly need these services. Take advantage of my free, initial gift, a free Webmaster’s Analysis of your current services.

We Will Take The Essential Steps To Ensure You Never Lose Your Website

Contact Us about our Webmaster Services Plan and let us handle your technical website problems, keeping your site online and working properly.