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Success Stories

He Is Very Knowledgeable And Very Patient

I was so glad to work with Jason. He is very knowledgeable and very patient. I don’t have much computer skills and even I scared to click some buttons. He explained very well and taught me how one step at time. In the process of creating the web site, he has great inclusive points of view as a professional web creator, both from the point of view of visitors, and as an owner of a business.

Mayumi Kanda IAIM Certified Baby Massage Instructor

Their Services Exceeded My Expectations

With 100% confidence I recommend Jason and his team…

I met Jason Ross of Radiant Freedom when all my other web designers failed me.

I was concerned that another web developer took my money and provided ¼ of the agreed to services. Needless to say I was upset and didn’t think I’d ever find a competent professional web designer.

I’ve always been disappointed working with the now many other website designers; Jason is different!

He says he’s going to deliver and he delivers, he’d an action man, not just talk, he actually delivers and he puts it on paper!

The other guys do some of the work and then just walk away, NOT Jason. He saw the project through.

Other developers left me high and dry, Jason is more than a designer though, he also does SEO and internet Security.

He’s helped me fulfill my website dream.

As soon as I heard about Jason I called him, and the rest is history.

He’s truly added to my Happiness and business success. In fact I’m hiring Jason for my other projects.

I wanted to enhance the format of www.afronews.com and make the channel
More fortified and ensure that all news we receive is available to our readers. including our Advertisers.

We needed someone who would modify the website so we could stream line it for marketing.

Jason is a good guy; he’s very clear on what he wants to do, he writes the plan out, stick to it and delivers on time. It’s a refreshing change from those other guys who don’t have professional standards like Jason.

We developed a marketing strategy on the website that enhanced readership and we also enhanced the Advertising visibility for our Advertisers.

We redeveloped our Media Kit so it’s easier for potential clients to find, see and take action on our materials.

He’s enhanced the visibility of articles.

More people are seeing the site from the work that was done.

Jason helped with the Website, SEO and Security.

We received the results that we set out to accomplish and I 100% recommend Radiant Freedom and Jason to help you.

We get better notifications; our visibility online and on social media has increased.

His price point is very reasonable, he fit our budget and he delivered.

He’s honest, and it’s hard to find honest people to trust these days, he’s one of those rare people you can trust.

Jason is calm straight to the point and takes each task one at a time to ensure all aspects of the project are done.

Kieron Sweeny

I Coach Entrepreneurs And Hand-Picked Jason Ross To Help Me

The ability to do online marketing well is a skill many need to develop. It is with confidence that I specially recommend Jason Ross of Radiant Freedom.

As the CEO of Breakthrough EntreprenR, I enjoy hiring independent contractors already competent and trained in their industry and niche. Mr. Ross has succeeded in providing me with services I sincerely needed. His focus to the scope of the project, time, money, and resources needed is highly commendable.

Jason’s great at engaging with people, letting them know what he does, and then following up. He’s not in-your-face kind of salesy. Take him up on whatever special offer he makes you. It’s well worth the investment in your business.

Kieron Sweeny CEO / Professional Speaker / Entrepreneur Coach

Jeffery Rubin

Very Caring

Jason is great to work with and very caring to all his client.

I recommend him for his service.

Jeffrey Rubin Founder, Rubin Payroll

Doug Hay

Jason Is A Talented Web Developer

Jason is a talented web developer and great to work with. He has great web skills with an eye for detail. Jason is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed client’s expectations. He is also excellent at dealing with client’s problems including site recovery. When I have needed help he was more than able and eager to assist me.

Doug Hay CEO, Doug Hay & Associates

Jenny Williams

It Was A Wonderful Journey

I did my website with Jason Ross and I must say it was a wonderful Journey. Jason was all the time very professional and precise in what was needed and wanted and at all times listen and executed what i wanted. He was very patience with my poor computer skills and did help me a lot in not only getting my website up and running but also educating me until present on how i should market my website. I will highly recommend him as a web developer at any given time.


Jenny Williams Owner of Massage Wellness